Synagogue Shaare Tikvah - Rua Alexandre Herculano, 59


All visits are guided and have to be previously booked. There are no visits on friday, saturday, sunday, jewish holidays or local holidays. We may ask for your identification.


Tourists and foreign visitors

Tuesdays and Thursdays : 9am to 12.20pm

Booking Contact: Ms. Sandra Montez

Tel: (+351) 919 899 637


Schools and Portuguese institutions

Mondays and Wednesdays: 2pm to 5pm

Tel: (+351) 213 931 130   Email: 

Official visitors and dignitaries

Tel: (+351) 213 931 130



Other centers and communities in Portugal

Country Club - Albarraque

It offers a Club House composed of two nice living rooms with TV and projector system, a bar, a games room, internet café and several Tennis Courts and a Football Field, an outdoor pool and beautiful gardens with lakes.

This space offers an informal and nice environment where the activities of our Youth Movement Dor Chadash take place, as well as several community celebrations, sport and cultural events, with the participation of our community members, friends and guests.

The goal is to promote and enhance the Jewish culture and education by gathering our children and youngsters and their families around a healthy and joyful Jewish environment.


Quinta da Luz - R. Gonçalves Correia, 8

Albarraque - Rio de Mouro

Tel/ Fax (+351) 21 911 11 88



The Faro Jewish Cemetery and Museum

Faro Jewish Cemetery (1838 to 1932), Algarve, Portugal.

This Cemetery has 107 tombs. It was recovered in 1992 with the great support from Fundo de Restauração do Cemitério de Faro, Inc., with the leadership of the late Mr. Ralph Pinto z´l. C.I.L. is the current responsible for the maintenance and administration of this sacred place.

Tel: (+351) 289 829 525 / (+351) 925 071 509



Jewish Community of Belmonte

Apt. 18, Bairro de Santa Maina

6250 Belmonte

Tel.: (+351) 27.591.24.65

Fax.:(+351) 27.591.24.65


Israel Embassy

Rua António Enes 16 - 1000 Lisboa

Tel: (+351)213 553 640

Tel: (+351) 213 553 658



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